Tide Clock App Reviews

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Great Little App !

Perfect for your home base. Easy to set up and run. Gives you general tide conditions at a glance. Nice interface ... Plus Moon Phase and whether its a Spring or Neep tide. Only one location at a time, though ....

preety good

i dont really get it though

great tideclock

This is perfect... live near the beach and I like to know where the tides are - high, low, coming in, going out, etc. Simple, just what I needed.

Feeling ripped

Youve got to use a newspaper or other means of finding out local tide information and plug it in to the iPhone before it even begins to work. Youve got to do this for every different area you visit. The app makers, purposely I surmise, do not make this clear before you part with your money. One of the first points made in their help menu is that the product is sold as is. In other words dont try to get your money back. As is doesnt cut it. Consider yourself warned.

Awful App

Do not buy this app, it does not work properly. Also no support from company. The Tide Graph App is much better.

Dont waste your money

This is the first app I have ever reviewed but it is so bad I felt compelled to write. It is silly looking, horribly inaccurate and a waste of money. I tried inputting several locales near me (Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Sunset Beach) and it recognized none of them and, therefore, generated a useless tide table. I wish I had read the reviews before buying. Lesson learned.

dont waist a minute trying to figure it out

useless dumb poorly designed ripoff

Tides with the Analog Spirit !!!

Love this way of seeing the tides. Its so clear, fast, and old school. The setup, in the Eastern US anyway, off Internet tide charts is easy. I have only had it a short while, so as to long term accuracy, well see...

Not so good

Pretty, but has no tide table for your locations. Cute, but a joke. Rick

Poor App, app store should not sell

Save your 99 cents! Worthless and should not be sold in the app store!

I dont understand the bad reviews

We live on the water and I understand the workings of the tide and moon. This app is straightforward and graphically shows the time remaining until the next local low and high tide, along with the relative height, exactly as a good tide clock should do. Whether this is worth a buck or not is up to you, but the expensive tide clock on our wall is always running slow and needs to be adjusted now and then, so the answer for me is "yes". Good app... 5 stars.

Tide Clock works great

Tide Clock is awesome. It works just like the Tide Clock on the wall in my house. First you set the Clock by inputing the date/time of the High Tide for your favorite one to three locations and you are done. By just looking at the display, you can quickly know the amount of time before the next high/low tide.

Waste of money

Does not work. Total waste of time and a buck.

well worth the 99cents

Easy to set up. Not sure why some of the negative comments about the app not finding a particular beach: the instructions are clear that you need to enter the information yourself, from a tide chart. Given the availability of all that kind of information on Google or another search package, it shouldnt take anybody more than a few minutes. Once set, its great.

Works Great

I live on a tidal creek that is not on any tide chart This is a simple app that works just like a tide clock. It tells me the next high and low tide. Thats it. It doesnt forecast the next lunar eclipse or the next time I will get lucky but for 99 cents I know the next high tide on Perkins creek. I got my moneys worth. Milo Sporeman Ocean City, MD

this app is a scam

this is the worst app i have ever used! it is a scam! get a free app and try before wasting your money on this one.

Very Useful

Works as good as my wall tide clock. Once you enter the correct tide for your location and the next full moon time, your all set. A tide clock in your pocket! It is also a moon phase indicator which lets you know if your in for a spring tide or a neap tide or somewhere in between. For a buck you cant go wrong.

Awesome App

I dont understand whats with the poor reviews. This app is easy to use. It works just like my tide wall clock, plus it gives me the moon information. You need to input high tide info yourself. This app does not find it for you. So look up your tide and moon information. Load it and thats that. Nice to have tide info when Im away readily at hand. Great app.


This app is elegant in its simplicity. I am sure the negative reviews must be from people who did not read the directions.

Confused by all the bad reviews

I really enjoy this app. Visually its very pleasing and provides time, tide, season and phases of the Moon at a glance. I dont use it to navigate, just to stay tuned into the rhythm of the tides. I found it difficult to set up, but take the time to figure it out and you will be rewarded. Toward that end clearer, more complete set up directions would be helpful and probably eliminate some of the bad reviews. It would also be nice to have a little history about tide clocks, the calculations needed to make them work, etc. I would definitely recommend it.

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